Jeep and Summerhill Ukrainian Committee Collaborate to Help Refugees on International Refugee Day

21 June 2023

Jeep is proud to announce its collaboration with the Summerhill Ukrainian Committee, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing support and assistance to refugees in the County Meath area on International Refugee Day. As part of this sponsorship, Jeep has donated a brand-new Jeep Compass to the support group, which will be used to transport refugees to medical appointments, language classes, job interviews and settlement support to help refugees integrate into Irish society.


“We are thrilled to be sponsoring with the Summerhill Ukrainian Committee on this important initiative,” said John Saunders, Managing Director of Jeep, a division of Gowan Auto. “As a family-owned business with deep roots in the community, we believe it is our responsibility to give back and support those in need, especially refugees who have fled their homes to seek safety and to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us.”

The Summerhill Ukrainian Support Committee was established in March 2022 to support Summerhill and the surrounding areas in welcoming displaced Ukrainians to the community. It was set up by Emer Irwin and a group of community members who were all horrified by the atrocities they were seeing on their screens every day and felt they needed to act, fast.


Since its origin, the committee has enabled accommodation for many families and individuals coming into the area.  A recent survey conducted by the Committee found that transport is a major concern for refugees in rural areas, who need to be able to travel to work and/or school.


“We are incredibly grateful to Gowan Auto for their generous donation of this Jeep Compass,” said Emer Irwin, Chairperson of Summerhill Ukrainian Support Group. “Transportation is a major challenge for many refugees, and this vehicle will make a huge difference in our ability to help Ukrainians access the services and support they need to build a new life in Ireland.”

The Summerhill Ukrainian Support Committee has been recognised by national organisations such as Helping Irish Hosts as an example to other community groups of how to mobilise efficiently and provide support where it’s needed most.


International Refugee Day is observed every year on 20th June to raise awareness of the situation of refugees worldwide and to honour their courage, strength, and resilience.