There is a moment when you decide that the game has to change. Follow the stories of people
who have chosen to change their way in life and start a new adventure to connect with their sense of freedom.
Everybody’s life comes to a turning point.
Get inspired.
28 year-old Stefano Munari is an Italian professional snowboarder. Born and raised in the mountains, he started fun and games snowboarding at an early age. Then he realised that the board was the key to chasing his dream of staying in touch with nature as much as possible. In a few years he progressed from after school training sessions to the Italian and European championships.
Find out how Stefano has met the challenge.
Victor Chissano is a 30-year-old Afro-Italian DJ and the songwriter and performer of the song "I’m a Renegade." Throughout his life, Victor has overcome many challenges, experimenting with different music genres. He started with reggae, electronic music and techno and then came across the drum and bass scene. Meeting the musician Ninja changed his life, turning him into a music professional. Then one day, he was offered a new challenge: compose a song that would change the rules and express the values of the Jeep® model 100%. His path crossed with that of the Jeep® Renegade and something changed. On a journey through Scotland he found the right inspiration to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Now another story, another journey is ready to start. Check it out in the video.
ROBERTO D’AMICO, SURFER • Waiting for the right wave
21 year-old Roberto D'Amico is one of the biggest names in the Italian and international surfing scene. He has been riding the waves
since he was 8 years old when he received his first surfboard as gift from a friend. Surf became his life and competing his ambition until
he became an international surfing champion. One day he began to feel that something was changing. He felt he had to go back
to his true passions: the sea and freedom. It was a turning point. Time to start a new chapter in his life, away from competition,
closer to his inner soul, a new beginning in free ride surfing. Discover Roberto's story in his own words.
Now it's your turn. Change your game, get on board the Jeep® Renegade